Amudawatches brand started with a strong passion for creation, at a very young age I always loved creating something I was always interested in buildings and just fascinated by the world in general how everything is created, I never forget the first watch I got just putting it on made me fall in love with the design and smallest details that's where my journey started,and Amudawatches was born 

Our Goal 

We want to offer affordable watches and the lifestyle that comes with it we are passionate about the world and anything to do with the creation of watches we want to give back to the community and we want you to join our journey to make a difference in the world in any way we can

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Why buy from amudawatches

Each watch we make is never the same we strive to be unique and stand, Each watch we create we take pride in to make sure we keep the high standard's so you only get the best.

We offer a full lifetime warranty with any of our watches because we know that there made to last and we will back that with our guarantee if aren't happy with the quality of our watches you can contact us and we will provide a full refund.